OPMA Class Registration Form (circle the class you wish to attend)

February 8, Gresham      February 15, Salem           February 27, Roseburg   March 8, Eugene  

March 13, Ontario March 15, Pendleton           March 27  Klamath Falls          March 29, White City

April 5, Coos Bay

Owner or Manager's Name _____________________________________________________________

Park Name __________________________________________________________________________

Mailing Address ______________________________________________________________________

City ________________________________________________ Zip ____________Phone _____________  
email address ___________________________________________________

Please print and mail this form and a check payable to OPMA in the amount of $175 for each person.  We will send you the specifics about class location, time and directions.  Classes begin in mid-morning and end in mid-afternoon.  Lunch and the text book are included in the tuition.

OPMA,    3220 Crescent Ave. #103      Eugene, OR 97408